The Mighty Zombie Daily keeps marching along with more brand new Zombie Art! Hi, Rob Sacchetto here, Zombie Artist, and Zombie Portrait artist in particular! Welcome to another big day of Zombie Images from beyond the grave! I’m so glad you can join me here today and let me share my latest Living Dead Illustration with you!

It’s pretty hard to turn creatures and monsters into Zombies. It’s even harder when those monsters are made of stone. One of the hardest things though, is turning an amorphous blob into a Zombie!! Yes, these are some of the challenges in turning the entire first generation Pokemon into the Living Dead! So that brings me to today’s new Zombie Pokemon, Ditto! Yes, an amorphous blob, now a zombie type creature! I think it works out pretty well actually! I had a similar challenge with ‘Onix’ the other day, he’s the snake like creature made out of boulders, yes, pretty crazy as a Zombie! There are many more that I encountered on this artistic Undead journey too! Plant like creatures are definitely another sub species, as are creatures without an actual face, or bone structure! I’ve got a few of those coming up in the series, that I haven’t done, as I’m still trying to figure out the best way to illustrate them as being the Living Dead! As always, I’ll do my best and hopefully, everything will take shape in the right way. Sometimes over thinking leads to a diminished result, so going at it head on might be a better course to take. In any case, I’m sure what I do with them will be consistent to the others in the series that I’ve done so far!

Thanks for visiting Zombie Daily today and I hope you also enjoyed the new Zombie Art I posted today! More Living Dead Drawings and Paintings are on the way! ‘Bye for no