It is that time once again! More Zombie Art courtesy of Zombie Daily and me, Rob Sacchetto! Now bringing you new Zombie Pokemon character Doduo! Hi everyone, so glad that you’ve decided to pay Zombie Daily a visit today! Did you know that your interest and support in just stopping in to see what new Art I’ve created, keeps Zombie Daily going? It’s almost like magic! If you believe in it, it will continue to exist! That’s what it takes! When I see that a lot of people are enjoying the website because the stats and traffic are up, it motivates me to create more for you! While this isn’t the only thing that helps to motivate and drive me further into a creative euphoria, it does help an awful lot!!

More Zombie Pokemon coming too! The vast army of Pokemon from the first generation have all been turned Zombie and are on the attack! They have to collect all of the brains! There will of course be many many more┬áPokemon of the Living Dead on tap these coming months as I continue to create even more new content here for sharing on Zombie Daily! Some very fun and new stuff coming up too! By new, I of course mean, never posted before, but I’m also referring to new series of Zombie Art that I’ve never done before! I was hoping on concentrating on creating new pieces for a series of Zombie Images I’ve never done before, but the Pokemon and other big jobs got in the way…No biggie! There’s always time for more Art to be created and posted in the future! Zombie Daily is timeless!

I’m hoping to see all of you back again soon as there will be some great new Zombie Art posted for you all to experience! Thank you all for stopping in today! ‘Bye for now!