Welcome Zombie Art Lovers! Zombie Daily is of course back, as it is another day, and that means more Zombie Images! Today marks the two Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty Fifth Zombie Daily post! Why is it so special? I don’t know, I guess it’s because when I look at that number and I know that it reflects the pieces of Zombie Art I’ve created, I see the ‘Three Hundred and Sixty Five number there and I think, wow, a whole YEAR of Zombie Art! That seems like a lot! Then I see the ‘Two Thousand’ before that and I kind of have a hard time wrapping my head around all of the Zombie Art I’ve produced in the last few years! I mean, that number doesn’t even reflect the Zombie Portraits I’ve created! In the Vast scheme of things the Zombie Art I’ve created more of is actually the Zombie Portraits! They almost double this number here on Zombie Daily! Any way you choose to look at it, I have created an incredible amount of Zombie Art in the last nine to ten years of my career..There’s no stopping it either as I’m currently creating much, much more!

To that end, I’ve also just completed a number of Zombie Pinup Divas and Heads of the Living Dead recently as well! I’ve got to keep the original art a large part of Zombie Daily! It’s great to do Zombie Art versions of established characters and iconic figures, but creating more original stuff helps me to keep Zombie Daily, ‘real.’ The ‘Heads’ series is very original and diverse and is staggeringly vast! The main drive behind it is to try to keep it as fresh as possible despite its numbers, and I feel very confident in doing just that! I hope that you all love what is coming up with all of my Zombie Art series, and the new, surprise ‘one off’ drawings too!

Thank you all for stopping in today and hopefully loving the new Zombie Art posted for all of you! Please feel free to stop in again soon as more Horror, Gore, Zombies, and the restless Dead are on the way!