Yes, The droopy Dog Zombie! When you finally get to draw a Hanna Barbara character like this as Zombie Art, you know you are getting close to turning all cartoon characters into Zombies! Hi I’m Rob Sacchetto, and this is Zombie Daily! I believe that I mentioned there would be a few Cartoon Characters of the Living Dead left behind from the second series of the same name. It turns out that there were a few more than I originally suspected. There are a few more in this Zombie Art series that I will be posting soon…really, in between other popular and topical stuff.

I do my very best to keep Zombie Daily interesting. Posting a Zombie Pinup Diva, then a Head of the Living Dead, a new Pokemon Zombie, or Cartoon Character, then back to a Pinup or a Head, or even a special surprise! If you look back at the Zombie Art posted even within the last seven days, or even a month, you will see the true diversity within the Zombie Art Genre that I try to portray here. Yes, they are all the Walking Dead, but they are rarely the same old ‘human’ Walking Dead, or humanoid Zombies.

That is really the wonderful beauty of the Zombie Genre, and in particular, the Zombie Art genre. It is so diverse, we never need to be bored by seeing the same type of Undead creature over and over. The ‘Heads of the Living Dead Art Experiment illustrates that beautifully! Taking a single skull template drawing and using it to create hundreds of mutilated mugs and Haunting Heads is a true example of how remarkably varied The Living Dead can truly be! Of course there are the Cartoons, Video Game and countless pop culture characters to turn Zombie too!

Thank you for joining me here today on Zombie Daily everyone! I hope that you enjoyed the Droopy Dog Zombie Art and that you stop in again soon! ‘Bye for now!