Is it time for new Zombie Art already? Yes it is! New Zombie Art is posted here on Zombie Daily every single day and has been for years and years! That’s right! In fact there is likely more Zombie Art accumulated here than anywhere else on the planet! In fact it might take you an entire day to look through each and every Zombie Art piece posted here on Zombie Daily! There are over Twenty Four Hundred individual pieces of Zombie Art currently posted here and of course that number grows every single day!

The new image you see posted today comes from a Zombie Art series called the ‘Heads of the Living Dead!’ It alone has over Seven Hundred individual Zombie Illustrations within it and it too grows larger every week! It’s almost as if the true Zombie Apocalypse has already begun! Well, in the ‘2D’ world anyway! As always, whether it’s the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’, The ‘Zombie Pinup Divas’ or any of the many other Zombie Illustrated┬áseries I post here Daily, there will be more coming to you soon! ‘Not sure why, but this particular Head of the Living Dead image reminds me of a Zombie Portrait that I did of Paul McCartney a few years back. I created the portrait for my ‘Hollywood Zombie Book’ called ‘Zombiewood Weekly’ from Ulysses press.. In any case, as I may have mentioned in the past, the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ drawings are done very spontaneously and really don’t look finished until finished! They usually surprise even me when I begin to rough out the image based on the bare skull template!

Thank you for joining me here on Zombie Daily once more! I hope that you loved the Zombie Art posted today and come back to see more soon!