It’s time for more Zombie Art! Yes indeed! Zombie Daily is always ready to prove to all of you awesome Zombie fans that it can and will go the distance when it comes to posting new images of the Walking Dead in their fully illustrated glory! You now that saying, ‘All good things to those who wait?’ Well, if you love the Reanimated, Flesh Eating Dead and Art, you needn’t wait too long to get your next eyeful with Zombie Daily around!

So today’s new Zombie Art post is from the Heads of the Living Dead series of course, and yes, this week will feature the Eight Hundredth Living Dead Head! I still have trouble wrapping my head around that number…Even though I’ve done way more Zombie Portraits, it seems incredible because, I suppose, the ‘Heads’ series illustrations were all done for Zombie Daily, and thus, were all self motivated. I admit that not all of them are pure gold, but the work that went into each and every one of them is rather remarkable. Each head drawing is at least four by six inches in size or larger. If each one were spread end to end, and top to bottom, you could easily fill a large room with them. I think that would be really freaky! Wall to wall, floor to ceiling Zombie Heads! One day I may just do a huge art gallery show of them and honestly see how many I can fit into a gallery showing! Possibly have one room dedicated to just the Heads of the Living Dead art, like a ‘Best Of,’ room! They do actually look so much better as original pieces!

Well Zombie Nation, another day of new Zombie Art is in the can, or, in the Grave as it refers to this particular subject matter! ‘Hope that you have enjoyed your Daily Dose of Zombie Illustration here on the Mighty Zombie Daily, and I’m looking forward to posting the next and seeing you all back! Until next time, bye for now!