And the Mighty Zombie Daily is back! Hey folks, Rob Sacchetto here, inviting you to see more new Zombie Art today, featuring Gengar from the original Pokemon lineup…as a Zombie! I actually think he looks pretty damn cool! Actually, this pose really reminds me of the classic ‘Wolverine’ pose! That gives me an idea…Do a new Zombie Wolverine drawing! Kicking the Zombie Pokemon GO! Characters into high gear this week Zombie Lovers! I’ve done over fifteen so far this week and hope to have gotten at least halfway through the series by the weekend! I have a Gaming Convention to attend this Sunday, out of town, but when I get back, it will be back to the series!

I’m also working on a few new promotional pieces and assorted things art-wise, so it’s not all Zombie Pokemon characters day and night. They are simply the subjects I’m creating the most of right now, and they will all be revealed! With Halloween right around the corner, things are heating up in the Zombie World, so I have to get as much Zombie Art done before the real flood of Zombie Portraits comes in! I’ll then of course have to concentrate on getting Zombie Portraits done and out to fans, but until then, I’m going to amass as many Zombie Images as I can!

All this means that I’ve been working virtually non stop on tons of new art! I do need to take breaks and do normal adult type stuff, like dishes, laundry, cooking and stuff, but mostly, I’m confined to my studio working! I’m kind of obsessed with getting these Pokemon Zombies done and seeing just how much other stuff I can get completed in the meantime!

Thank you all for visiting Zombie Daily today everyone! More Zombie Art is on the horizon! Please feel free to stop in again soon! This is Rob Sacchetto, Zombie Artist, saying ‘bye for now!