The Mighty Zombie Daily is back with more Zombie Art than ever!! I suppose that at this point I could use that as a slogan every day! The thing is, Zombie Daily never left, and more new Zombie Art is posted every day! Hi I’m Rob Sacchetto, your friendly neighborhood Zombie Artist and basically one man band behind each and every Zombie Daily Post! I’ve been adding new Zombie Art in the form of Zombie Pinups, Celebrities, Pop Culture Icons and so much more, every day for the better part of eight years! The proof is right there in the vast archives of Zombie Daily! There is so much Zombie Art, even I sometimes am surprised! I tend to only look forward in my art and career, and by doing that, I hope to improve and create even more good art! I try to learn from my mistakes, improve my flow and intensity, and find ways to create more and more. I love trying out new styles and techniques in both art and subject matter too! Because virtually any living thing can be turned into the Living Dead, the subjects, styles of art, means of death and reanimation are virtually, if not actually endless! Even after the over Two Thousand ix Hundred and counting pieces of Zombie Art here to see, I still haven’t touched on a lot of subjects that I want to! One of those subjects will soon be revealed and I’m incredibly anxious to get to that, and share the Zombie results with all of you! There is just so much more to come! I can’t wait! Zombie Art forever!

That’s it for today’s Zombie Daily, Zombie Art post ladies and gentlemen of the horde! Tune in next time for the newest, most up to date Zombie Art on the Planet, right here on Zombie Daily! Thank you so much for coming, and until next time, best wishes! ‘Bye for now!