Happy Friday the Thirteenth everyone! What better way to celebrate this macabre date than with some brand new Zombie Art? Well, to be honest, regardless of what day of the year it is, Halloween, Christmas, Friday the Thirteenth, or New Years day, Zombie Daily was going to, and will in the future, post new Zombie Art anyway! It’s basically what we do, and all we do!!

Okay, so here’s a brand new Zombie Art piece you’ll recognize as being a Heads of the Living Dead series piece. I’ve been posting a lot of these guys recently as I’ve had a bit of a backlog of them accumulating in the Zombie Art enclosure, and they’ve been sitting there rotting away and occasionally fighting with each other…Plus they are getting a bit to costly to feed fresh flesh, so I had to clear them out and post them for you guys! That, and the fact that I’ve been extremely busy with art related work lately and have not had enough free time to do much new fun stuff for Zombie Daily. I will literally get on new stuff today, tomorrow and Sunday to get back into the swing of new Zombie Art specifically for this site, and I seriously can’t wait! There have been tons of Zombie Pinup Divas I’ve wanted to do and a bunch of other surprise Zombie Art I want to get to as well! I’m very highly motivated and excited to bring it all to you!

Alright, so having said that, I’m going to get back to the drawing board and get on the new Zombie Art I just mentioned! I’m hoping to have some brand new stuff completed and posted as soon as tomorrow so please feel free to check it out! Thanks for stopping in to see the newest Zombie Art post of the day today! ‘See you all again soon!