The Mighty Zombie Daily has just added a new piece of Zombie Art to the world! Hi there everyone out there in the and of the Undead! Rob Sacchetto here, dispensing new Zombie Art like some sort of non stop, Living Dead Art PEZ dispenser! Okay, a weird analogy, but hey, I’ve gotta explain Zombie Daily somehow! Alright, here’s a better way. Zombie Daily adds never before seen Zombie Art every day! All the Walking Dead Ghouls created and posted here are just for you, the fans of Zombies and Horror, to see! There! In a nutshell, that’s it! Pretty cool huh? Does any other website in the world do this? If so, I haven’t seen it! The most Zombie Art in the world is created daily, just for you! It’s all right here!

Am I doing a week long ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series extravaganza? Well, judging by the fact that this will be the third one I’ve posted in a row, would kind of point in that direction. But, no, I just really wanted to level up the series and get to this one as it the Eight Hundred and Fortieth Zombie Head Drawing in the series! So, tomorrow I will likely return to the ‘One day on, one day off’ Heads of the Living Dead format. Variety is the best thing, even in regards to Zombie Art! I think that I’ll post something unexpected and surprising tomorrow, do a ‘head’ post the day after, then the first image in an ALL NEW SERIES! It should be exciting! I know that I’m excited!

‘Hope that all of you Zombie Lovers really enjoyed today’s post! That will do it for me today as I’m back in the studio now to create more for you all! Be sure to check out tomorrows new Zombie Art post and until then, avoid be eaten! ‘Bye for now!