The Zombie Art keeps coming! Hey, we’re called ‘Zombie Daily’ after all, so why wouldn’t we post new Zombie Art every day? It’s not like we’re called Zombie Weekly, or Zombie Art of the Month or something…I thought that Zombie Daily would be perfect for showcasing tons of new Zombie Art for all of you wonderful Horror and Zombie fans all around the world! It would give you a daily dose of fun from a genre we love so much, and especially if you’ve seen all the Zombie Movies and Zombie themed television shows out there and are waiting for more Living Dead visual treats, you can always click over to Zombie Daily and get your fill with the newest Zombie Art post available that day!

Another brand new Heads of the Living Dead piece makes the new Zombie Art post today! I’m so glad to have continued this series that I started many years ago as it has become almost like a badge of honor in the way it has endured and grown. It is the one purely creative series in the way that no real reference is ever used, and it just basically gets created from the very top of my head…whatever I recall as texture, emotion, surface structure, color and other visual factors, that’s what goes in to the new Head of the Living Dead piece I’m working on at that specific moment! It really is a lot of fun, but they are time consuming too! Any type of art series that you have done almost eight hundred images of, is going to take some serious minutes! But, of course, who’s counting? I love creating these and all of the other pieces of Zombie Art posted here, so no biggie!

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Well Zombie Nation, that about wraps it up for another day of Zombie Art posting here on Zombie Daily! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!