Welcome everyone! Another day means more Zombie Art is posted here on Zombie Daily! Why, it’s right in the name, so you know, every day, new Walking Dead Art will be posted, and it has been, constantly for over four years, and then, even before that since 2008!

This is a very special post that I want to share with everyone, it’s a new amazing service that gives you the choice of getting the Classic ‘Zombie Portrait’ that I invented way back in 2006 and am still creating, or to get the new ‘Floating Head’ type Zombie Portrait that I just came out with that carries a $30 price point! Yes, Thirty Bucks! This is a perfect Gift Idea for anyone who knows a Horror or Zombie Fan and needs to get them an affordable gift for their birthday, Christmas, really, whatever the occasion! And never mind that, these new ‘floating Head’ Zombie Portraits are SO affordable, you can get one for YOURSELF!! Yes, ‘Treat yo’ self’ HA! It really is me doing my best to make sure that everyone in the world that wants a Zombie Portrait, can GET a Zombie Portrait!

If you’d like to order one, please contact me here : http://zombieportraits.com/contact-the-dead/

Thanks so much for supporting Zombie Daily and Zombie Portraits Living Dead fans! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!