Happy Friday Zombie Nation! Welcome to another action packed edition of Zombie Daily! New Zombie Art has just been posted for your viewing enjoyment and I want to thank you all so much for visiting Zombie Daily today! By the way, I’m Rob Sacchetto, inventor of the very first online Zombie Portrait service which takes your photo and turns it in to an original Zombie version using traditional artistic materials and methods…In other words, a real, not digital painting! I’m also the artist behind all of the Zombie Images posted here every day, and since 2008!

I mentioned a while back, that it is mostly Zombie Illustrations that are not the ‘common humanoid’ Zombie that make up the majority of the images of the Living Dead here on Zombie Daily. Today’s image is a great indication of that. This is yet another first generation Pokemon turned Zombie, just for posting and sharing on Zombie Daily! I’ve done all one hundred and fifty first gen Pokemon as Zombies, and even some next gen ones! This is the thing I like to do on Zombie Daily, create Zombie Art from many other sources and of different subject matter as well as the tried and true, original style ones! I love variety and this is why I chose to do the Pokemon characters as Zombies as well! They are so diverse and challenging, I knew that they would never get boring, never get tiresome and since they are very recognizable,  could have potentially brought more people to like Zombies! Or Pokemon! Ha! Either way, they are or were, fun to do, and who knows, depending on the notoriety I receive from having done them, I may do more even though I thought that after finishing the last one in this series, it was over! Time will tell!

Once again , I thank you for stopping in to check out the latest Zombie Daily Zombie Art posted today! More just over the next horizon! ‘Hope to see you soon!