Some up to date Zombie Art for those of you still checking out Zombie Daily here on the portrait site! As hopefully many of you know, Zombie Daily has moved to my Patreon Creator Site! Here’s the link ALL new Zombie art, plus even other Horror Art is posted there daily! I’m doing an array of Kaiju, (Giant Monster) illustrations, I have weekly comics, and even do video tutorials there! Some of it is exclusive to members, but you can have access to it all for JUST ONE DOLLAR! Yup, that’s it folks! There has been SO MUCH accumulating there since I’ve started it, you just have to check it out!

I do sincerely hope a number of you are checking out the Patreon page for new updates! I’ve never stopped posting! ‘Just had to somehow monetize all of the free stuff I was sending out into the internet for the last ten years! It was getting to be too much of a heavy chore for little payoff! Besides, now I can feel comfortable posting other fun stuff on there too! It’s still Daily Zombie Art, but now there’s so much more that I couldn’t really post here! Some of it non-zombie but still horror, video tutorials that were just art oriented and soon, other stuff, mostly horror, but just plain old drawings that I love! There will always be Zombie Art Daily, but so much more!

Anyway, please check out the link and enjoy all the fun of my creators page! If you like the Pinups, Kaiju, Portraits, Cartoons, Logos, Mascots, and other Living Dead interpretations of those things, it’s still all there and then some! I just finished a bunch of new Video Game Characters and Super Hero Zombie Illustrations too! ‘Come say hello and I will say hello back! Take care!