The Zombie Art just keeps coming! Hi everyone, Rob Sacchetto here, welcoming you to another Zombie Pokemon, from the ‘Week Long Original Pokemon Characters of the Living Dead Extravaganza!’ I think that’s what I’m calling it! HA! Either way, it’s a full week, that’s Sunday to Sunday, of the brand new Pokemon Zombie Art I’m creating! At this point, I can literally go a whole five or six months with nothing but Pokemon Zombies! Yes, I’ve done that many! Thankfully, they are very diverse in design, and despite them being posted every day this week, there still seems to be a lot of variety in the new Zombie Daily updates! Seriously, there are, flying, swimming, squishy, rocky, humanoid, and all sorts of other themed designs of Pokemon, so it’s kind of like I’m doing a huge variety of Zombie Art posts! If you’ve never seen a Pokemon character before, you might not even notice they are all from the same source material!

I’m actually in the final stretch of all one hundred and fifty believe it or not! I’ve probably got fifty five or so to go, then the entire original roster will be completed! I’ve even done some prior to this series that are not in the original line up, so I’ll have One Hundred and Fifty, plus! ‘Probably the single largest series of ‘non original’ Zombie Illustrations that I’ve ever done, or likely ever do, ‘specific character’ speaking! In fact, the Video Game Characters of the Living Dead series is probably third in the largest series I’ve drawn, after the Heads of the living Dead, being number one, and the Zombie Pinup Divas at number two!

Thank you for visiting Zombie Daily today Zombie Lovers! More Undead art is on its way soon, so feel free to stop in again and see who is to become a ‘biter’ next! ‘Bye for now!