the artist and Zombie Enthusiast behind each and every Living Dead Drawing or Painting added here each day, and I’m also your host! I hope that you enjoy today’s new Undead addition to the world of Zombies, and I thank you for your attendance!

Today we add yet another ‘Head of the Living Dead’ image to the massive series! For those of you who don’t know, the Heads of the Living Dead series just recently had its Nine Hundredth image posted here on Zombie Daily! Yes, there are now over Nine hundred Zombie Heads from that series currently on Zombie Daily! Since I’ve been actively posting new art here for nine years, (or so..), that works out to a Hundred heads a year! Now of course that’s not counting all of the other work I do, Zombie Daily exclusive art or otherwise. For Zombie Daily to continue the way it does, the very lest I have to do is one Zombie Drawing or Painting every day! That my friends, is a lot of Zombie Art to create, especially JUST for a fun place to come see new images made exclusively for fans! I must really love the genre! Truth is, I do!

I’m going to try to keep Zombie Daily going for as long as I can. I would like to get the Heads of the Living Dead series up to number one thousand at least. I still don’t think I’ll ever be finished creating new Zombie Images for it though, the series is quite literally, limitless.

I thank you again for visiting Zombie Fans! Tomorrow, new Zombie Art will be added, so feel free to stop in again! You never know what I’ll draw Walking Dead next! ‘Bye for now!