New Zombie Art happens right now! It’s Zombie Daily folks and I Rob Sacchetto, your host and Zombie Artist, bid you welcome! Another big day of Zombie Illustration is upon us and lucky for you, you’re here, and you’re a huge Zombie Fan! That means that you not only get to see today’s brand new image, but several hundred more! They are all just a scroll and click away!

Today’s new Zombie Art image is one of those cool, ‘one offs’ that I love to do so much! It was based on the extraordinary sculptured bust by Tom Martino, master of Horror Sculpture! You have just got to see his amazing work, and of course the bust this image was based upon! Here is the link to his Facebook page! . You must see the other stuff he does and the original sculpture I based this ‘Zombie Portrait’ on! I named this new Zombie Art piece ‘Gore Shriek’ in a nod to the awesome independent Zombie/Horror comic book of the same name! Lots of referencing in today’s new Zombie Art post! Gore Shriek the comic book series was published by FantaCo in the 1980’s/90’s. Here is a brief, in fact very brief summary of it’s original publication :

1986 saw the debut of the horror anthology Gore Shriek, edited by Stephen R. Bissette, who also contributed stories to each issue. Besides Bissette, other Gore Shriek creators of note included Greg Capullo, Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Eric Stanway and Gurchain Singh. Gore Shriek volume I ran for three years (1986 – ’89), and is still fondly remembered by horror fans as one of the top comics in that genre. (Wikipedia)

See: Volume 2 (1990-91), and the Gore Shriek Annual (1990).

A very cool and visually arresting series! I could literally think of no better name to call today’s piece after that name popped into my head!

Thank you all for attending today’s new Zombie Art post here on Zombie Daily! I really hope that you liked today’s new addition to the many Zombie Art pieces here and that you share your thoughts with like minded individuals and turn them on to Zombie Daily too! ‘See you all again very soon!