A big Living Dead welcome to all of you Zombie Art fans! It’s a new day and that means a new Zombie Drawing or painting on Zombie Daily! Yes, we’re going for another full year of all brand new, never before posted, exclusive Zombie Images here on the Mighty Zombie Daily!

I’m doing the old ‘two in a row’ Heads of the Living Dead days to reach the next massive milestone in the series all the quicker! It will soon be the Nine Hundredth Head of the Living Dead post to be added to Zombie Daily, and I do have something special in mind! I think that you guys will love it! If there is a more massive collection of Zombie Art on the planet,  certainly haven’t heard of it! With the Heads, and even Zombie Daily in general, I really want to make history in it being the most massive collection of Zombie Art on the planet! I really hope that you guys spread the word to anyone who might love Zombie Daily for it being a great Zombie Image site and a great Art site too!

As the Heads series ramps up, so too does the Zombie Pinup Divas! I just kicked that Zombie Art series into overdrive creating many new images on the way to the Two Hundred and Fiftieth image in that long line! It is another favorite series of mine and it is Zombie Art that is original and also a huge draw to Zombie Daily! It actually dates back to the beginning of Zombie Daily! In fact, back then, Zombie Daily was a separate website from Zombie Portraits! It then joined Zombie Portraits to become one huge Zombie Mega Site! Now a one stop shop to get your own personal Zombie Portrait and check out several hundred pieces of Living Dead art!

Thank you all for allowing me to share my new Zombie Art with all of you! Your Zombie Love and support are crucial to the survival of this site and I truly appreciate your attendance! ‘Bye for today!