Another day simply means that there will be more guaranteed new Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily for all of you amazing fans of Gore and Horror will hopefully love! We’re back today with more ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ action! I’m going to be working on a whole new batch of these guys again soon, along with other older mainstay series like the Zombie Pinup Divas, and some newer series work like the Zombie Double Header drawings.

Okay, so, I’m going to try to keep this post short and say that I’m looking forward to creating a whole new bunch of Zombie Art for Zombie Daily this week, as I’ve both been busy with other projects and the fact that the weather…yes, the weather is keeping me from being 100%…It’s been disgustingly humid this past week up north where I live, y’know….Canada, the place where everyone thinks is covered with snow all the time! Well, let me tell you, not only do we not say ‘eh’ after everything we say, but it gets as far ABOVE the zero mark as it gets BELOW the zero mark up here! I’m not even that bad with just heat…but the gross humidity just knocks me out….Anyway, regardless, more Zombie Art will be produced and more Zombie Art will be shared right here, every day!

Thanks for your awesome attendance here today! As I’ve said, more on the way and I hope you enjoyed today’s Zombie Art! ‘Bye for now