More than just Zombie Art, Zombie Daily has some exciting insights into both Zombies and art straight from the artist behind it all! Oh, and by the way, that would be me, Rob Sacchetto, your friendly neighborhood Zombie Artist and Living Dead enthusiast! Welcome to Zombie Daily everyone!

It’s another new Head of the Living Dead image posted today as your new Zombie Art piece! I don’t know what it is with me lately, but not only am I super inspired to do more work on this series of Ghoul and Gore soaked heads, but I’m actually designing tons of new images that are radically different and cool! It’s like, I’ll sit there and say to myself, ‘I can’t believe that I’ve never thought of that idea for a head before! Yeah, after all of this time and hundreds of heads later! I just find it utterly fascinating! Even today’s post of the newest Zombie Head looks nothing like the others! I don’t think that I can even accidentally create the same Zombie Art with these Heads!

I’m not entirely sure how that happens as I do not have a visual summary of all of the Zombie Heads I’ve done, up in front of me so that I can avoid doing the same one twice! I’m sure there are those in the series that look similar, I mean, that’s inevitable, but they are NEVER the same! I always try to find new angles and styles to create the latest Zombie Heads, so I suppose, it will be as I originally predicted, I can do these forever and never have two alike…JUST like snowflakes!

That’s today’s new Zombie Art folks! ‘hope as always, that you liked it and crave more, because more is on the way! In about twenty four hours or less, that’s the Zombie Daily guarantee! ‘Bye for now!