Time for more new Zombie Art folks! Yes, Zombie Daily is just that, New Zombie Art every day for all fans of Horror, Zombies, Art, Decay, Rot, Walking Corpses, The Undead, The Exhumed and the Cannibalistic Creatures that have been Reanimated after death! We’re talking ZOMBIES!

Today’s new Zombie Art is a water color painted illustration, using pen and ink and pencil crayon for fine detail and rendering. Also, a ‘white out’ pen has been used to create the ‘hot spots’ of light on the surface of the Zombies skin and in places where there is blood or wetness. This is a method that I use in pretty much all of my color Zombie Art, or really art in general. I use my watercolors almost like acrylic paints and don’t use the white of the paper as the ‘highlights’ like most people do when using watercolors. I find that adding highlights using other mediums makes the painting feel heavier and more richly colored. A lot of people think that I use computer color in my Zombie Art illustrations, but in all honesty,  never have! All of the Zombie Art that I create is done on real paper with real paint, ink, and combinations of dry and wet media.

Also, just a little bit about the Heads of the Living Dead. So, for most of the Head drawings I will use reference material often found in magazines or the internet. I just have to say, that even that part of the process is often quite an arduous task in itself. I’m mostly talking about texture, surfaces, colors, hair styles and even actual art styles. This is a dedication that I enjoy having and bringing to make the Heads of the Living Dead a history making series of Art! Just a FYI for you Zombie Fans!

I hope that you all loved today’s new Zombie Art selection of the Head of the Living Dead, Gruesome Toothsome!’ Please feel free to come back as often as you like for more Zombie Art Madness!