The newest Zombie Art is here on Zombie Daily! Hey there everyone out there in Zombie Land! It is my great pleasure to invite you all once again to Zombie Daily where every day brings a new Zombie Art piece from my massive collection! No day old Zombie Art here either! It’s all created brand new for you and posted as soon as possible so that you get the freshest exclusive renderings of all things Zombie!

As the Heads of the Living Dead series rolls on, a whole new bunch of other Zombie Art series are being worked on. I often have at least ten drawings on the go at all times, ranging from, the ‘Heads’ series, to Zombie Pinup Divas, The new Sports Logos of the Living Dead, Cartoon Characters, Zombie Portraits, and various other Zombie Daily art pieces. On top of that, there are custom jobs and various other art jobs that keep me busy! In fact, I’m very likely going to be working on a follow up to my first Graphic novel entitled ‘Rob Sacchetto’s Cape Fear!’ I’m very excited to be working creating comic book type stories again! Oh, and there will be Zombies!

Thank you all for coming to take a quick peek at the new Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!