It’s hard to have a Happy Eater when you are a Zombie…even harder when you’re a piece of two dimensional Zombie Art! This new featured, Head of the Living Dead Zombie Art today on Zombie Daily is definitely not in a great mood, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be! Hey, you’re on Zombie Daily, and if you love Zombies, Ghouls, Gore, and Horror, you will flip for the art posted here!

I’ve done Zombie Art for Novels, Playing Cards, Comics, Magazines, Documentaries, Puzzles, Coloring Books, Pinup Models, Targets and so very much more! The thing that’s even more awesome is that you get to see all that stuff, plus the thousands of drawings and paintings that I do exclusively for Zombie Daily, and Zombie Daily alone! t’s all here in the pages of Zombie Dailies archives, but beware, the archives are vast, blood soaked and perilous! You’ll need the regular protection from Zombies, and probably need to pack a lunch too! he main thing that I encourage everyone who visits Zombie Daily to do, is enjoy! This blog, or web site, is as much about art as it is about Zombies! The art that is posted here represents virtually my entire professional career in illustration and thereby shows the progression and evolution of my art as it relates to the Zombie Genre. I’ve tried to incorporate many different styles, media and approaches to depicting the many types of Zombies that reside here, and sometimes it may be a stretch to even think that the same artist has done all of the different works here! It’s weird, but even I think that sometimes! While the styles are sometimes wildly inconsistent, (And done so intentionally), the quality, is something I feel is consistent, very much so. I don’t often post sketches, but rather full, completed drawings or paintings! I will continue this as long as I possibly can!

Thank you all so very much for stopping into Zombie Daily to get your Zombie Art fix! I hope to see you all again soon for more!