This is it folks! The biggest Zombie Art Post of the Year! Head of the Living Dead number SEVEN HUNDRED!!! Oh Yeah! Finally! The staggering number of the original Zombie Daily series has finally hit it’s newest huge milestone!

So if you’re a regular here on Zombie Daily, you know that I post a new piece of Zombie Artwork here every day. You’ll also notice that many of the images I post are from the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series of Zombie Art. For those who don’t know, the Heads of the Living Dead series was created many years ago, I believe in 2010…It’s purpose at the time was to see how many different Zombie heads I could create based on a single skull template. The idea was for me to do a series of Zombie Heads, maybe ten or twenty or so, kind of just for fun and obviously to use as some neat Zombie Art content for Zombie Daily. Once I got it in my head that ‘Zombies are like snowflakes, no two were ever alike,’ I thought that maybe I should put that to the test and see how many different heads I could create that all looked entirely different…I never dreamed that I’d have done Seven Hundred of them thus far and have literally a virtually infinite number to go! Needless to say, there will be many more coming from this massive Zombie Art series!

Thank you all for joining me here and helping me celebrate my 700th Heads of the Living Dead Zombie Art series illustration! As always, I hope to see all of you back again soon!