Time for more Zombie Art? Yes Indeed! More Zombie Art coming your way from the biggest most prolific purveyor of images of the Walking Dead, the Recently Reanimated Dead, The Living Corpses that feed on live human flesh, The Living Impaired, The Hideous Ghouls that eat Brains, Cannibalistic Formerly Dead Meat Puppets, in short, Zombies!

As we hurtle towards the beginning of a new year, or Dawn of the Dead, we leave the old rotting yet still living corpse of the year 2015 twitching and hungry for more! ‘Not one to kind of just ‘cop out’ at the end and take a few days off, I will stick with Zombie Daily posts of new Zombie Art, right to the bloody end! I’ve still got a lot of gas in the tank, and in the few remaining days between Christmas and New Years Eve, I plan to fill them with as much new Zombie Art as I would normally do! There will mostly be a barrage of Heads of the Living Dead series images, like the one posted today, and Zombie Pinup Divas series drawings like the one I will likely post tomorrow. Then I get started on some new, different Zombie Art subjects that I’ve been hoarding, just waiting for the right time to unleash them. That is to say, unleash them on my drawing board first, then directly to your rotting eye sockets!

I guess it could have been easy, or ‘understandable’ at least if I had said that I was going to take a break for the holidays, but honestly, I can’t do it! It’s Zombie Daily for a reason, and new Zombie Art must go on!

So once again, I thank you all for joining me here on the great adventure that is Zombie Daily! I never know what new Zombie rt piece I’ll do next, but I will do it with joy and with the intent to share it with you all! Bye for now Zombie Nation!