More Zombie Art folks! Yes, just a little reminder that Zombie Daily is back with a New Zombie Image, straight from my very busy drawing board! Hi, Rob Sacchetto here, and I once again welcome you to join me in celebrating another Day of the Dead here on Zombie Daily, the largest assembly of Undead Art on this planet! Speaking of that drawing board, it has been in ultra use mode for quite some time! As most of you know, I’m attempting to turn all one hundred and fifty or so original Pokemon characters into Zombie Art! That alone would keep my busy day in and day out, but as always, there’s more!

I’ve just committed to a huge new project that is amazing, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! While it is roughly the same ‘wheelhouse’ that I’m accustomed to, subject matter wise, it is very much different! It’s kind of like the Adult Coloring Book I created last year! In any case, I will of course share new art with you when it’s time to launch the project! I’m getting very excited because it really is a total change of artistic pace for me and I may end up learning a few new techniques and, or come up with some on my own!

Also, I’m developing new and varied Zombie Art content exclusive to the Zombie Daily page too! That is always going on regardless! It does take time, energy and resources however and right now, between all projects, they are taxed to the limit, very much like my time. I’m back teaching art at my local college this Fall semester, and I’m a vendor at a few Fan Conventions too! The main thing is….I’ll never give up drawing more Zombies…So we should be good Zombie nation!

Thank you all for attending Zombie Daily today! ‘Hope you loved the new Zombie Art of the day, and that I see you all again soon! ‘Bye for now!