Time for more Zombie Art Madness on Zombie Daily everyone! Welcome to the mighty Zombie Daily, where every day, new Zombie Art is created and shared with all of you good folks into Horror, Gore, Art, Zombies, Illustration, and just plain new Zombie Art in general. I’ve always thought that Zombie Daily was as much about the Art of Zombies than it is Zombies themselves. The Walking Dead provide a fantastic vehicle for artistic interpretation, and I intend to use them for artistic purposes for as long as humanly possible! When I say ‘use’ I mean pay tribute to the Living Dead genre as it applies to artistic interest! I have loved creating new Zombie Art for years and I don’t ever ever get tired of it as a genre…See for yourself…In the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series alone, I’ve created over seven hundred drawings just depicting rotting mugs in various ways. My Zombie Portraits number in the Thousands, and even this very Zombie Daily site contains over Two Thousand drawings and paintings of the Living Dead itself! That is so much Zombie Art! To me though, it’s still barely scratching the surface of what I want to do! So, Stay tuned!

Thank you all for stopping in today! Zombie Daily will continue to post brand new Zombie Art soon, so come back again whenever you need a new fix of reanimated hungry dead! Bye for now!