Zombie Art Licensing

Rob Sacchetto is always interested in licensing his zombie artwork and zombie illustrations. As a professional illustrator for over 25 years, Rob has worked with publishers, celebrities, authors, musicians and film makers. He has been commissioned for special projects including national-selling book covers, album artwork, posters, concept art, logo design, package design as well as unique product design.

Rob’s work can be found at your local bookstore, in film, television and more!

Want to use Rob’s Zombie Artwork for your project? Well, Rob wants to work with you!

Our full licensing and usage policies are listed below:


Writing an article about Rob Sacchetto, zombie portraits, or zombie culture in general? Feel free to request images by contacting us. In many cases, images can be used free of any financial agreement provided proper credit is given. In some instances, a minimal one-time fee may be requested depending on the project. It’s really a case-by-case situation. These agreements, of course, do not grant and sort of reprinting rights without written consent.


Rob has no problem granting nonprofit or personal sites permission to use his zombie art and zombie illustrations as long as the intent is non-commercial and the images used include a link back as well as a copyright notice. Rob also wants to know where his work is being used so please contact us with your website url and a list of the images you wish to use. We will probably cross promote with you!


Commercial sites—defined as sites that charge money for services or promote a business—MUST contact Rob for permission and to work out licensing fees. A copyright notice *must* be included on the page the art is used. This licensing fee does not include the right to reproduce the art in print form.


Now available for your special projects including book covers, cd packages, greeting cards, calendars, products, promotions and more! Licensing fees are set according to reproduction venue and product circulation. Licensing fee includes high resolution, watermark free electronic files of the licensed images, which are color corrected for print reproduction. Contact us to discuss terms. Rob would love to work with you!

1. The copyright notice for artwork should read as follows:
Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Art © [current year]. All rights reserved. www.zombieportraits.com

More than just zombie portraits

If you have a project you think Zombie Artist Rob Sacchetto would be a match for, please contact us and Rob would be happy to discuss the opportunity with you.