Zombie Art is once again the order of the day here on Zombie Daily! This was a long weekend in Canada, and I first want say Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian peeps! What did I do this weekend? Well, honestly, I drew my face off! Well, actually my face is still on, but yeah, I did a lot of drawing and the majority of it is for Zombie Daily! Tons of Heads of the Living Dead, some Zombie Pinup Divas, and a few other surprises too! Even if I don’t get to post them all, I’m pretty confident that I’ll have reached my Nine Hundredth Head of the Living Dead drawing by the end of the year! Indeed that is a Lot of Zombie Art!

Creating this many Zombie Drawings in my life is indeed a huge achievement for me. Doing Zombie Daily for this long, I truly hope that one day it gets the wide attention I’d like it to, for the sake of Zombie Fans around the world. Hopefully it will happen while I’m still alive so that I can at least witness the joy! Zombie Daily is more than just an online sketchbook to me. It’s a live testament to my love for the Zombie and Horror genre. I would be so grateful if you could all share this with a friend who might be into Horror, Zombies, or even Art! The fact that I call the site Zombie Daily sometimes hides the ‘Art’ side of it, but believe me, it is as much about Art as it is Zombies! So, yes, if you’re reading this, please share!

So that about does it for the newest Zombie Art post here on Zombie Daily! I truly hope that you all enjoyed it, and return soon for more! Thanks so much for attending and making Zombie Daily, part of your internet excursions today! ‘Hope also to see you all again soon!