Hey Zombie Art Lovers! ‘Sorry for the quick posts the last few days. Back with more Pokemon Go Zombies, this time featuring Meowth! Yup, it has been an overwhelmingly busy few days for your friendly neighborhood Zombie Artist here. Work, Life, other Art and believe it or not…Heat! It’s been oppressively hot up here in Northern Ontario Canada! Most people not from Canada have the misconception that it’s a cold, dead wasteland up here, not fit for Zombies! Actually, the Living Dead would flourish here at least six months out of the twelve, at LEAST! We do get the greatest differences in temperature on a yearly basis. Like from forty degrees above, to forty degrees below zero!

The winter here would be a great place to thrive during the Zombie Apocalypse though! Zombies would never be able to withstand the cold and freeze solid. It would then be a simple matter of getting all dressed up in your coat boots and tuque, and knocking their heads off with a baseball bat! Cleanup could be done easily too! Carting off the Living ‘Undead’ frozen corpses to a giant pre-dug pit! I could sit inside and look out my window and draw real Zombie Portraits of real Zombies! That would be so cool! Of course the end of the world would kind of suck! HA! Really though, I think humans would prevail over the Zombies…especially here in Canada. ‘Just my opinion.

So, there are my musings on Zombies, Canada, and the weather! I hope that today made up for the last two days of sparse posts…hey, in nine years, there’s bound to be a few rough spots…if you could call those ‘rough.’ Thank you all for joining me for new Zombie Art and fun on Zombie Daily today folks! Look forward to more Gore, Horror, Ghouls and maybe even a sexy Zombie Pinup Babe coming your way SOON! ‘Bye for now!