Hey Zombie Art Fans, more of what you’ve come to expect from Zombie Daily is now ready for your hungry eyes…New Zombie Art! I’m Rob Sacchetto, and I welcome you in to enjoy the latest Zombie Image posted here on the largest visual data base of Living Dead Art in the World, my Mighty Zombie Daily!

On one hand, Zombie Daily has become incredibly predictable in that it is no surprise that new Zombie Art is posted every single day. Also, all of the Illustrations of the Undead posted here are created by me. Another predictable thing about the Zombie Drawings and paintings here is that all of them are created with traditional materials, by traditional means. That is to say, all images are made on paper or board, with wet and dry mediums, like paint, pen and ink and pencil crayon, among other materials. This means no computer generated or colored work. This is a method that I have maintained since day one. Day one being sometime back in the year 2008! On the other hand, despite all of the ‘predictability’ of Zombie Daily, which, by the way, I consider all to be strengths, the Zombie Artwork itself always changes!

You can never tell what type of Zombie will be posted tomorrow, only that one WILL be posted! It could be a Zombie Pinup Diva, A Head of the Living Dead, a recently deceased celebrity, or a video game character, or really, any number of subjects under the sun! That is the incredible aspect of Zombie Daily! The Zombies here are not just human shambling cannibals and ghouls that were formerly human, the Zombies here and be virtually anything! Also, I feel that Zombie Daily is as much about the Art as it is the Zombies, so, with that in mind, I strive to change up the art styles from drawing to drawing as much as possible! I try to change inking techniques, color palettes,  even the approach to each individual drawing and drawings within a series! I hope that you all have loved the Zombie Art so far!

Thank you all for your attendance today! It really means the world to me! Remember, more Zombie art is just around the corner, so do stop in again soon for more! ‘See you soon!