Time for more New Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! The Super Popular Super Smash Bros of the Living Dead week long Extravaganza continues! Today’s Zombie Art victim is the Meta Knight! Man, I’m really loving these and find them awesome to turn Zombie! I think that I will attempt to do Zombie Art versions of all of the Smash Characters, but will stop after this new run, to take a break and do other stuff. I want to get back to doing more Heads of the Living Dead, Zombie Pinup Babes and Zombie Portraits too! This will be my second run on the characters and I do strongly believe there will be a third! Remember, I’m trying to turn the whole world into Zombie Art!

Here’s the lowdown on the Meta Knight brought to you by the Smash Wiki Website :

Unveiled at E3 2006, Meta Knight (メタナイト, Meta Knight), commonly abbreviated as MK, is a character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Originally from the Kirby universe, Meta Knight joins the brawl as a starter newcomer who wields a sword, Galaxia, as his primary weapon.

Meta Knight is notable for being at the top of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tier list due to numerous advantages. His attacks generally have extremely high speed in terms of both startup and ending lag, and nearly all of his standard attacks have transcendent priority. He is in almost no trouble offstage due to a large amount of recovery options that grant him a long, relatively safe and unpredictable recovery, along with extremely effectiveedgeguarding options including moves that can wall of pain, two semi-spikes, and easy stage spikes against certain characters. Meta Knight’s edgeguarding capability is unarguably the best in the game, as is his ability togimp opponents. He also has many great combo setups, with a very strong combo game due to easily being able to string many of his attacks together, as well as some of his moves being able to break opponent combos. HisKO moves are quick, powerful, and reliable. Meta Knight can easily play very aggressively due to the speed and power of his attacks, but he can also play defensively without much trouble, with his aerials being able to spacewell and his great ability to air camp, along with his very fast roll and air dodge (though his spot dodge is only average). The former also gives him access to a huge glide toss that is fast and covers a very long distance. Meta Knight has incredible matchups; he has no overall disadvantageous matchups along with three other characters from the Smash Bros. series (Pikachu in Smash 64 and Fox and Falco in Melee), and currently only Pikachu is considered to have an even matchup against him, but even this is heavily disputable with mixed to negative reactions among the competitive community and many believed the matchup to be in Meta Knight’s favor.

This does not mean he has absolutely no disadvantages, however. Meta Knight is a lightweight character, meaning he is knocked out fairly easily, especially against characters with many high-power attacks such as Snake. He also has a small shield which makes him somewhat vulnerable to shield stabbing from certain characters. His poor air speed and slow grab release animation also make him susceptible to grab release combos from many characters, most notably Marth, who can combo Meta Knight into a variety of moves, including forward aerial, dash attack, Dancing Blade, short hop Dolphin Slash, buffered down aerial, buffered up aerial, or buffered neutral aerial from his air release. Meta Knight additionally may have trouble KOing against good DI and/or momentum cancelling, particularly if his best finishers are getting stale. He also has many multi-hit moves that are easilySDIable, limiting his ability to rack up damage easily, along with his moves generally dealing average damage.

Due to his incredible fighting prowess, general unpopularity in the Super Smash Bros. community (he was and is considered “broken” among many), negligible weaknesses and over-centralization of the metagame, Meta Knight was banned for a time between the period of January 9th, 2012 and April 16, 2012 from the Unity Ruleset, which was being pushed as the only valid ruleset. This makes Meta Knight the only character in the Super Smash Bros. series who has been banned from a standardized tournament ruleset. Even prior to his banning, he has been placed in his own tier, SS, at the very top of the tier list. Since the Unity Ruleset committee has been disbanded, it is once again up to each tournament’s organizer whether Meta Knight should be banned or not.

It’s amazing to me to read up on the back story and meaning of each of these characters! Like…wow! It makes it even more fun to create them as Zombie Art and perhaps create a different chapter in their rich histories and powers! ‘Even if it’s just here on Zombie Daily!

Thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today for the latest dose of Zombie Art! Hope to see you all again soon! ‘Bye for now!