The Zombie Art keeps coming folks! I’ve started two brand new Zombie Art series this year, (So far), and I’ve really loved them both! One was the ‘Sports Team Logos of the Living Dead,’ and the other is the new ‘Video Game Characters of the Living Dead,’ of which you see that today’s post features! Doing classic characters of any kind as Zombie Art is always fun, but the Video Game Characters, especially the updated versions of them, are especially a real blast to re-imagine as Zombies!

I’ve got quite a few new illustrations for this series in the can so to speak. In doing this mass volume of fully painted Zombie Art, it has slightly curtailed my production of ‘Heads of the Living Dead,’ artwork slightly, but as usual, all other series artwork, like ‘Zombie Pinup Divas’ and even the ‘sometimes’ series like Zombie Animals, and Zombie Celebrities will be back…They will never really be forgotten and will always be contributed to in some form!

I’d like to do maybe fifteen to twenty more Video Game Zombie Drawings to round out the series, then again do them sporadically as I can after a nice series has developed.

Thank you all for checking out today’s new Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! I hope that you’ve all enjoyed it and will be back soon to experience more!