I bring to you the news of unfortunate passing of ‘The Greatest,’ Muhammad Ali, and also, my Zombie Portrait tribute of the man and legend. Greetings Zombie Art fans! Another day, another new piece of indelible Zombie Art to add to the pantheon of Living Dead images here on Zombie Daily! Today’s image is especially important as it marks the day of the passing of a true legend in boxing and sports entertainment, Muhammad Ali. Literally a household name to this day, Ali was so highly regarded and popular during the height of his career as a boxer, he even went toe to toe with Superman himself! It was of course one of the greatest, and most memorable sports/comic book character crossovers in history!

We’ve lost many beloved celebrities this year, from David Bowie, to Abe Vigoda, to Prince, Chyna, and now, Muhammad. Needless to say, doing these Zombie Portrait tributes has kept me busy. I basically do the portrait and post it the day of the persons passing which keeps the tribute more meaningful in my mind. These are people that meant something to me, and not just a way to ‘cash in’ on the misfortune of others. These people have influenced my life in such a way that I feel compelled to honor them in the only way I truly know how to. By using my talent to immortalize them in my specific way, I feel, a small sense of closure, and just a little happiness knowing that I honored them with more than just words. I hope that you all enjoy this newest Zombie Portrait tribute Zombie Art Lovers.

Thank you all for stopping into Zombie Daily today to check out the very newest Zombie Art I’ve created. The Muhammad Ali Zombie Portrait will be placed next to the others who have passed this year in an honored tribute at the end of this year. I hope that you make it back for more soon because there is a lot more to come!