Greetings my Zombie Art Loving Ghouls out there in Zombie Land! ‘Hope that you’re all having an amazing day today and that, as always, you’re ready for some new Zombie Art, because today on Zombie Daily, as you can plainly see, I’ve unsealed my newest Zombie Design┬áSeries!

And WHAT a series! This is the first of what I hope to be many many Logos I turn Zombie from popular sports teams in the NHL, (National Hockey League), the NFL, (National Football League), The NBA, (National Basketball Association), and others! I do these with great pleasure, and I really do hope that you all are excited as I am to see see more! They are so much fun to do and really bring me a lot closer to my goal of turning everything in the world into Zombie Illustration! In fact, if these sports logos turn out well, I might expand into other logo territory too! ‘Not really sure what’s out there, but I’ll do the research and find out! In any case, this is to me like finding a very cool untapped resource of images to parody with my special brand of Zombie Art style and I’ve of course done a few to start up the series that I’ll be releasing here soon regardless of their initial popularity. ‘Really do hope you dig them though Zombie Art Fans! This whole area is a real departure for me artistically as I normally dwell within the realms of organic type images only…who knows where this new series will encourage me to branch into next!?

Thank you all so much for stopping in today to check out the latest Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! As always, it is my pleasure to share it with you all! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!