The latest Zombie Art coming from my drawing board, straight to the massive Zombie Daily Gallery is on now! One of the very best things about doing the Zombie Pinup Divas series is that I get to discover some of most amazing women in the world! One of those women is the the multi-talented Tonya L. De Marco! A statuesque beauty that is a as stunning a Cosplay/Pinup/Cheesecake model as you’re going to see! She pulls off vintage Pinup modelling with an almost scary ‘The Shining’ ease! I’m very happy to present my first, of which I hope to be many more ‘Zombie Pinup Diva’ illustrations of her, here on the last day of the week long ‘Zombie Pinup Divas Extravaganza!’

You simply HAVE TO check out Tonya’s Cosplay Fan Page on Facebook! Here is an excerpt from her Bio there : Tonya L. De Marco is a Costume Designer, Cosplayer, Model, and Author. She splits her time between the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
She’s been hooked on costumes and costuming since she was a preteen. Growing up reading about the wonderful characters and places created by authors such as Ursula K. Le Guin, J.R.R.Tolkein, and Frank Herbert, Tonya turned to costuming as a way to immerse herself more deeply into those fantastic worlds. Her love of the written word also encouraged her to pursue a writing career.

And here’s the link to the Fan Page :

Do yourself a favor and see this amazing woman in the flesh! You’re sure to become an instant fan! Plus she updates with new pics often!

Thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily for today’s amazing post! ‘Hope you loved the Zombie Pinup Diva week, and that you stop by again for more Walking Dead Mayhem soon!