The Zombie Art Pinup Divas Week Long Extravaganza continues here on Zombie Daily! It’s all to draw more attention to, and support the big Zombie Pinup Divas Playing Card Deck Kick Starter campaign I’ve got going on RIGHT NOW! This is awesome! we are already up to Zombie Pinup Diva number two hundred and nine! It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the big two hundredth milestone! We are already well on our way to doing the next big milestone post of three hundred! What’s even more incredible is that the Heads of the Living Dead just recently hit its eight hundredth post! Yeah, just between those two Zombie Art series we’ve got over One Thousand different Zombie Drawings! It’s staggering actually!

So the plan is, once I’m done with the Zombie Pinup Diva Extravaganza Week, I’ll be back to posting some other new Zombie Art pieces, like the Heads of the Living Dead, brand new Zombie Animal Art, and other assorted goodies, then I’m actually contemplating doing another Zombie Divas week before the Card campaign is over, to give it another big push! What this really means is, I’m definitely serious about getting the Zombie Pinup Deck done, so much so, that I’m going to bust my Zombie Ass to get another seven new Zombie Pinups done in short order to fill the promo week! I’ve never had week long posts of any one series this close together before, but I’m willing to dig deep to ensure the Zombie Art Pinups get all of the backing and support they need to succeed and have all of be aware of the campaign so that you can help back it and make it succeed! I’m really counting on you Zombie Nation! Please Help!

So, that said, here again is the link to the Zombie Pinup Diva Playing Card Deck Campaign : I hope that you all enjoyed today’s new Zombie Art, and that you support my Kick Starter! More Zombie Art is always on the horizon here on Zombie Daily, so stop by again soon! Bye for now!