The Most Zombie Art you’re likely to find anywhere on this planet is right here! Yes folks, the place is Zombie Daily and that is all we do here, post more Zombie Art than anyone, anywhere else! We do it every single day, and it’s all for you, the Zombie Art and Horror lovers to see!

Unfortunately when I have a real Zombie Model in my studio to create a new Zombie Pinup Diva, the inevitable occurs, and that is, no matter how ‘HOT’ she might be, I’ve got to kill her at some point in the drawing session…I’ve had some pretty close calls needless to say, but ultimately a Re-Kill is definitely going to happen, no matter what!

This string of Zombie Pinup Diva Drawings help to indicate just how it goes down…everything seems fine, I’m getting down the drawings of the Hot Zombie Model okay…then I sense that she is going to attack! It could be a glance, a subtle body language thing that I pick up on, just something tells me it’s about to go sour…at this point I trade my pencil for a gun, and ‘BLAM’ right between the eyes!

So there you have it, it really does get dicey in the studio sometimes and being a ‘Zombie Artist’ has its share of danger too!

Thanks for stopping in everybody! ‘Hope you all come back soon!