More Zombie Art from the Land of the Living Dead! That’s right folks, just as promised, Zombie Daily is back dispensing new Zombie Art just like a Pez Dispenser dispenses so many little weird candies! The only place on this planet to experience this much Zombie Art is right here on Zombie Daily! I am so confident of that, I really do try to say it as often as I can so that more and more Zombie Art addicts can take advantage of being able to experience it all! I really want the word to go out to the entire world, that Zombie Daily has more Zombie Drawings, more Zombie Paintings and just more Zombie Artwork in general to satisfy the cranial capacity of any hardcore Zombie Fan on the Planet! It’s Living Dead lovelies like I posted today from the Zombie Pinup Divas series, Zombie Celebrities, Cartoon characters, Undead Animals, Monsters and basically the Walking Dead from every type of genre or corner of pop culture that I strive to create and share with you here! I want to Zombify the world one drawing at a time! There is already a remarkable number of Zombie Artworks currently on display here, actually numbering in the thousands, and of course, like the name of the site says, I’m posting something new every day! So please, tell your friends who are into Zombies, Ghouls, Mutants and Monsters…or even just Art, tell them to check out Zombie Daily!

Thanks so much for your attendance, more Zombie Art is just around the corner! ‘See you all again soon!