Hello fellow Zombie Art Lovers! I’m Rob Sacchetto, the inventor of the very first Photo to Zombie Portrait service on the internet, Zombie Portraits!! I’m also the artist behind every one of the thousands of illustrations featuring the Undead, right here on Zombie Daily! In short, you can probably guess that I love Zombies! If today’s post is any indication, I also love girls! I really love drawing the human form! It’s so diverse and again, differs from each individual to the next. I especially love drawing the female form! In beginning with my Zombie career, I really didn’t think that I’d get the opportunity to do many beautiful girl drawings. I mean…I was going to be drawing hideous, gore soaked Zombies, right? Well, I tried, and tried and then tried somw more…eventually I developed a Zombie Pinup Girl that I could look at and still find, visually attractive.

They say that with practice comes perfection, well, I was never accused of being perfect, nor do I strive for that unattainable  measure. I do however attempt to do my best. That is rather a high standard regardless, as  never wanted Zombie Daily to have Zombie Art on it that was less than stellar. To this end, I would create more and more Zombie Pinup Divas! Although they have changed in style over the years, I’ve always tried to maintain their sexuality despite the fact that they are flesh eating Ghouls from beyond the grave! I really feel that I have succeeded in that, and have gotten comments from fans stating that very sentiment! I’m glad that people are liking them, they rank very highly on the Zombie Art pieces that I love to do the most!

Thank you for stopping in to Zombie Daily today folks! I love you Zombie Art fans, and still try to prove myself to you each day! ‘Here’s to today’s new post and to the post I will soon add tomorrow! ‘Bye for now!