Welcome Zombie Nation! I’m Rob Sacchetto and this is the Mighty Zombie Daily, the largest Zombie Art exporter in the whole wide world! Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse starts here Living Dead fans, and you’re at the epicenter of the Undead Madness!

Great news! A new Zombie Pinup Diva is the latest Zombie Daily post here today! It always seems like such a long time between these posts! Maybe it’s because, despite there Walking Dead Women being decaying, cannibalistic, ravenous monsters, they are still somehow beautiful, even sexy! Yes, I don’t get it either, and I’m the artist that creates them! I think that it might be because I really truly love and respect the subject matter. That goes a long way in creating art, even Zombie Art, that does what it is supposed to do, whatever that thing is at any given time. Often it is to tell a story, sometimes it is to simply view and revere and enjoy on that level, other times it is for commercial purposes. I think that the Zombie Pinup Divas kind of fall into all of those categories..or at least could if need be. I just really do them because I love to create them! I also know that many of you love them too! Those are good enough reasons for me! Of course, it really doesn’t take much to motivate me to create new Zombie Art!

Another little bit of good news! I JUST finished the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Zombie Pinup Diva drawing!! I did it in a different style and I’ll give you the one hint, that she is a celebrity!! That’s all I can say right now! It wont be too long before I post her though! ‘So excited!

That’s it for today’s Zombie Daily, Zombie Art post! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this statuesque, sexy, Zombie Pinup drawing today! I hope to see you again soon! Thanks for stopping in!