Welcome to Zombie Daily Zombie Art Lovers! It’s me, Rob Sacchetto, founder of the original Zombie Portraits online service, appropriately called, Zombie Portraits! When you’re first at something, you get to pick the best names! Of course I’m also the Artist behind all of the Zombie Images that you see here on Zombie Daily too! Yes, I’ve drawn a lot of the Living Dead! Every day that goes by adds a new piece of Zombie Art to the already staggering amount posted here on the mighty Zombie Daily! Today is no exception! A new Zombie Pinup Diva from the second largest series I’ve created is your newest selection! I hope that all of you Zombie Fans love it!

We’re getting close to the Zombie Pinup Diva Two Hundred and Fiftieth milestone, and I’ve got something special planned for that post! It will be a pinup image unlike a lot of the ones I’ve ever posted! I think that you guys should like it! I think it will be then that I change up the Zombie Pinup Babes a bit. I still want them to be sexy and seductive, but perhaps I will use a slightly different style to depict them, or, well, I don’t exactly know at this point. I just feel that they need to be more exciting for me to illustrate! Now, I’m not implying that I don’t like, or respect the current ones I’ve posted, in fact I really love them, it’s just a feeling I have as an artist that I want to pursue. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get too radical…trust me! HA!

Thank you all for visiting zombie Daily today and joining me here so I can share my art with you! You are the reason I do this Zombie Art every day! I hope to see you all again for more soon! ‘Bye for now!