Hey there Zombie Art Fans around the World, Welcome to Zombie Daily! For those new to Zombie Daily, let me just fill you in on what it is we do here in just a couple of words…’Zombie Daily posts New Zombie Art Every Day!!’ And there you have it, you are totally up to date!

Wow, we are up to Zombie Pinup Diva number Two Hundred and Twelve already! That is quite incredible since we only reached the milestone Two Hundredth post this year! Incidentally, we also reached our Eight Hundredth Heads of the Living Dead post on Zombie Daily, AND this is Zombie Portraits’ Ten Year Anniversary! With all of these big numbers being met in my little Zombie Art Universe, I thought that I would celebrate by offering up an incredible Kick Starter Campaign featuring the most popular images here on Zombie Daily, the Zombie Pinup Divas! That campaign as some of you already know, is the Zombie Pinup Divas Playing Card Deck! I think that it is one of the coolest campaigns I’ve ever done with Kick Starter and Zombie Art, as it combines some of the best Zombie Pinup Divas Art I’ve ever posted, and adds an interactive element that allows many real life models and just generally beautiful women to become immortalized in the card deck as Zombie Pinups themselves! The Zombie Pinup Divas Deck campaign will only be on and available for a few short weeks, so please, if you can help fund it, do it as soon as you can! Here is the link directly to the page : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1148109312/original-illustrated-zombie-pinup-divas-playing-ca/description . Also, please remember, with a campaign like this, you’re not just giving money to something for nothing in return. The amazing rewards I’m offering are everything from original Zombie Art, to Zombie Portraits to custom Zombie Pinup Art and many many more surprising things! Please go fund today!

Thank you for stopping in to Zombie Daily today Zombie Nation! I really hope that you loved today’s new Zombie Art and that you can help make the Zombie Pinup Divas Playing Card Deck a success for me AND you! ‘See you all again soon!