Greetings Zombie Art Lovers around the Globe! Rob Sacchetto here, back in the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ mood and posting Zombies as usual! Everyone likes Pizza right? Well, what if the Pizza took a bite out of you? That’s right, Zombie ‘Za! Stuffed crust Ghoul!, Exhumed Extra Pepperoni Head! I could go on, but probably shouldn’t!

This Zombie Art post and ‘Head of the Living Dead’ series image in particular is really what I’ve been referring to for a long while in regards to Zombie Diversity. Somehow, a Zombie Pizza works! I really couldn’t see a Frankenstein or Dracula, or Were-Wolf pizza in the same way…I mean, I COULD, but it would be more forced. This once again shows the diversity of Zombies! This is also why I’m able to create so many images in the Heads of the Living Dead series!

Also, I find it remarkable that it took me so long to do the ‘Zombie Pizza’ head! I mean, we’re more than halfway though the 800’s and I’m just now doing it? It makes me wonder just how many more obvious choices I’ve missed and have yet to discover! Could there be ten, fifty, a hundred more? Maybe even more than that? I feel that I will strike several rich veins of great source material in the coming months and perhaps years of creating more Zombie Heads! In fact without even trying to obtain any source material or inspiration, I started work on over seventeen new heads last night/this morning!  Once again thinking of doing a Heads of the Living Dead Week Long Extravaganza! I just really love sharing these Zombie Art Pieces with you!

Thanks for visiting Zombie Daily today Horror Lovers! As always and for as long as I can, more Zombie Art will be coming your way tomorrow! Please feel free to join me again! ‘Bye for now!