You simply cannot find this many pieces of Zombie art anywhere on this planet Earth! The thing is, more Zombie Art is posted here every day! That is the reason for the simple, direct and apt name, Zombie Daily! It’s not just one sort of shambling brain eater either…When you think, ‘Zombie,’ you might see a human monster, once alive, now in any number of states of decay, lurching towards you, hungry for your living flesh, somehow, alive! Well, I’ve got those too, but here on Zombie Daily you will see all manner of the Undead from Living Dead Animals, to Zombie Pinup Girls, to Zombie Cartoon Characters, Video Game Characters and Walking Dead Celebrities. There are Mutant Zombies, Alien Zombies, Zombie recreations of Giant Monsters or ‘Kaiju’ like Godzilla, Rodan, and other giant Movie Monsters. You’ll also find all of my professional Zombie Related Art here too! Work I’ve done for books, Greeting Cards, Playing Cards, Puzzles, Comic Books, Coloring Books, Album Covers, and a host of other commercial art! There is so much more too! In short, Zombie Daily is an incredible resource for Zombie Art, and the wonderful thing about it is that it is constantly being updated! I do my best also, to listen to you, the Zombie Fans, and create things you’d like to see! A number of the incredibly popular images here are Zombie Art creations, you’ve requested! I also do custom Zombie Art too! That means that for a meager Forty Dollars or so, you can get an original Zombie Drawing or Painting of a character you ask for! It’s so easy! ‘Just ask me! Also, that drawing you requested will be entered into the horrific hallowed halls of Zombie Daily itself!

So that will conclude Zombie Daily for this day Zombie Nation! I hope that you all liked today’s new Zombie Art and that I see you all back for more soon! So much more Gore in store!