The newest Zombie Art to leave my drawing board is now ready and posted here on Zombie Daily! Remember that Video Game Q-Bert? Me neither, but here he is, as a brain sucking Zombie! HA! I’ve never really been into video games much in my life, simply because I think that they are awesome and I would get sucked in to a vortex of non stop playing and never ever do any work again!

This is just another drawing in my attempt to turn everything on planet Earth, ‘Zombie!’ Whether I’m into it or not, or have heard of it before or not, or even seen it before or not, I sill want turn it Zombie! That’s part of the reason I love getting custom requests so much! They often come as a surprise, and they are sometimes characters or things I’ve never known the existence of! Q-bert here was a total fluke…I just heard someone use the word ‘cuberts’ when trying to spell the word ‘cupboards,’ and thought…Oh yeah, that Q-Bert character would make a great ‘Video Game Zombie….’ And, I think that he does!

Okay folks, what more needs to be said? It’s the new Zombie Art post here on Zombie Daily! There’s so much more to get in the coming weeks, so please come back again and again for more Zombie Mayhem! ‘Bye for now!