‘Gotta infect them all! That’s my slogan when it comes to making Zombie Art from all of the first generation Pokemon characters! You are watching Zombie Daily, the largest visual database of Zombie Images on the planet Earth and this is the latest daily Zombie Art post! Hey there Zombie Lovers! welcome to another exciting edition of Zombie Daily! As always, I’m your host, Rob Sacchetto, and I’m also the artist behind all of the art posted here daily since 2008!

Today we feature another brand new Zombie Pokemon, Rattata, as our latest Zombie Image selection. We’ll get through all one hundred and fifty of the first generation Pokemon Zombies, then, and only then will I consider doing any more. I think that personally, I might be done with series because doing this many images of something created by a third party is not always the most highly regarded thing you can do as an artist, creatively. Though I may do many many other ‘licensed’ characters as Zombies, but this was a massive statement on the Pokemon ones in particular, and I don’t really think it needs revisiting. I may only do a follow up if there is enough fan suggestions or demand. I like to cater as much as I can to fan demand! Hey, this is why I do what I do, so you guys love it, see it, enjoy it, share it and help it grow! It’s the least I could do, given my obsession for the Zombie Genre!

Thanks a million for stopping in and visiting Zombie today! As always, it is my pleasure to provide you all with Zombie Art you can really love and talk about! More Zombie Pinups, Zombie Cartoon characters, Heads and everything else you’d expect, and even a few surprises is in store for you upon you next visit! ‘Bye for now!