When it comes to Zombie Art, no other website on this Planet Earth posts more! For nine years, virtually every day, I’ve been adding more of my Living Dead Images to the world! I’m Rob Sacchetto, and I’m your host and Zombie Artist, and ultra Zombie Enthusiast behind Zombie Daily! Hi everyone, and welcome to another new installment, I’m so thankful that you could make it!

Similar, but not the same. That is how some of the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series Zombies are bound to turn out, although even that changes radically from time to time, and given my recent head space, it’s about to do so again! When you’ve created a series of one subject and it starts getting into the high hundreds in numbers, it’s either time to stop, or time to change! I’ve been through feelings that I should do both during the remarkably long run on the Heads series. Happily, my decision to stick with it has been a good one! The reason for taking on this enormous artistic challenge was to prove that Zombies are like snowflakes, and that no two are ever alike, I think that despite cresting the Nine Hundredth drawing from the series, I’ve proven that…But I want to do more. As human instinct enters the equation, I’m finding that too many Zombie Heads I’m creating look too similar recently, therefore effective immediately, I am forcing myself to further ‘Think outside the Brain Pan,’ so to speak. I really feel that I need to shake things up more so than before. Not taking things in a ‘forced’ direction, just a much more ‘open’ direction, one that is much more open to interpretation.
That’s today’s Zombie Art post folks! ‘Hope that you enjoyed the Undead Mayhem here again today! More Walkers, Biters, Rotters, and Munchers on the way! ‘Bye for now!