Welcome Zombie Art Lovers! ‘Your friendly neighborhood Walking Dead Artist here, Rob Sacchetto to once again, deliver the Rotting, Festering, Gory goods to your peepers! Zombie Ren and Stimpy! Finally! This is one set of Cartoon Characters of the Living Dead Zombies that has been requested a lot since I began the second set of the series! In fact, even despite of the current Pokemon craze, when asked to vote between a new Pokemon Zombie or Ren and Stimpy, my Facebook Fan Page followers chose, well, Ren and Stimpy! That is why they are up here on Zombie Daily today! Asking fans to vote for their favorite post is something I love to do! Things are often kept fairly random that way, as few people want to see the same subject matter turned Zombie over and over! Also, I get a greater understanding of what you guys like! o me, drawing for you is the fun part! Yes, I do like doing my own original ideas, but largely, because it’s really all the Living Dead, it’s all good! Either way, the majority of Horror and or Zombie fans are going to be satisfied! If there’s Gore, Blood, Torn Flesh, Rotting skin bone and eyeballs, it’s going to go over pretty well at a place called Zombie Daily!

So, aside from just a few more, possibly two or three, I’ve finished the second series of the Cartoon Characters of the Living Dead for now. I might have one or two on my drawing board in pencil, possibly another just started with color washes, but I’m in no great hurry to get them done. I will return to it eventually, but I’m setting my sights on a few more Pokemon Zombies, Heads of the Living Dead, and Zombie Pinup Divas! Expect those pieces in the near future…and always a surprise or two thrown in for good measure!

Thank you all for putting Zombie Daily on your ‘To Do’ list today! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the new Zombie Art of the day, and that you return soon for much more! ‘Bye for now!