, I’m Rob Sacchetto, creator of all of the Living Dead Images here on Zombie Daily, and your host! Zombie Daily is the largest data base of pure Zombie Images on the planet! To be more s[specific, the Undead Images I’m referring to are all hand illustrated, not movie or television show stills, computer generated art, photographs or any other sort of image creating method to produce them has been used. All of the illustrations of the Walking Dead here are created by hand each day using traditional materials like water color pigment paint, pen and ink, pencil, pencil crayon and or other wet and dry mediums…And again, all are created by me!

Really, it is the love of art and the Zombie Genre that keeps me motivated! I convinced myself a long time ago, and I believe it to be true, that all Zombies are different, and anything that was once alive, can be dead, and reborn as a Zombie! I later concluded that even inanimate objects, structures, ghost forms, monsters and basically anything that has been created, can also be made a Zombie through art…even if it violated the confines of reality! People have said to me, ‘You can’t make a ghost a Zombie!’ for example…I say, ‘Why not?’ both things are made up fiction characters, I’m basically creating a third based on both! The same goes for essentially everything under the sun! ┬álike to think, that if YOU can think of it, I can turn it into Zombie Art! The Pokemon characters really helped in that realization!

That’s it for today Zombie Art Lovers! More on the way in just a short time! Thanks for visiting today, and feel free to do so again soon! ‘Bye for now!